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China Spring ISD Education Foundation

Help Lay the Foundation for Their Future Success

SurPrize Patrol

The SurPrize Patrol makes its rounds at the end of every school year to surprise teachers with the grants they have been awarded.

In 2020, we awarded $26,447.03 in grants.

All-District Level (total amount-$486.75)

1. Celeste Brown and Yvette Picazo (ESL- English Language Learners)

○ Vocabulary and speaking skills games (Upwords Fun, Bananagrams, Scrabble Slam, Scattergories, Catch Phrase,

Taboo, Balderdash, Jenga, and Hedbanz)

○ Serves 80 students district-wide

○ $486.75

Elementary (total amount-$6.860.17)

1. Kim Iverson and Julie Golden (Physical Education Department)

○ Cardio drumming kits including a stand, ball, and drum sticks

○ Serves 1000 students

○ Option 1: $1,989.70 (10 sets of 6 kits= 60 kits)

2. Sarah Magnuson (2nd Grade ELAR)

○ Higher-level readers (19 sets of 5-6 books) with lessons and activities

○ Serves 250 kids: full grade level

○ $725.09

3. Tricia Begesse (Instructional Technologist)

○ Sphero Bolt Robots (robot programmable balls that code and create games) and Specdrums (instruments that are

app-connected rings that create a personal sound machine)

○ Serves 1000 students

○ Option 3: $674.99 (12 Specdrums)

4. Connie Caldwell (1st-grade teacher)

○ Reading materials and manipulatives including phonics learning center kits, rainbow phonics, alpha and math

briks, foam dominoes/phonics match sets, sight word phrases, Spelligator, picture dictionaries, word books,

book bins, double-sided magnetic whiteboards, magnetic letters, and magnetic word builders

○ Serves 22 students

○ $706.19

5. Donna Stovall and Jennifer Bowden (1st-grade teachers)

○ Reading materials and manipulatives including alphabet arcs, magnetic alphabet letters, legos, alphabet stamps,

photo cases, Buddy Readers Sets Levels A-F.

○ Serves 44 students

○ $1,076.85

6. Melissa Garn (First Grade Math)

○ In preparation for becoming self-contained, teachers need more math manipulatives such as pocket charts, dry erase boards, number paths, number lines, two color round counters, plastic coins, 3D shapes for teacher

demonstration, 3D shapes for student use, dominoes, unifix cubes, base 10 blocks. There is also a need for 2

sets of guided reading classroom collections.

○ Option 4: $1,687.35 (options A and B including charts, counting and math manipulatives)

Intermediate (total amount-$8,560.06)

1. Tena Elkins (6th-grade MATH)

○ Flexible Seating (individual adjustable tables and wobble seats)

○ Serves 100 students

○ Option 3: $1,066.65 (5 tables and seats)

2. Various 4th, 5th, and 6th-grade teachers (Chastity Robinson, Beth Cade, Jeanne Ranft, Whitney Ward,

Jenny Hale, and Jeanne Duncan)

○ Noise-reducing headphones that help students alleviate noise distractions in the classroom

○ Serves up to 50 kids

○ Option 1: $649.50 (set of 50)

3. Jennifer May, Courtney Lafferty, and Andy Pell (counselor, library, and PE)

○ Read and Ride Program (consists of reading and riding a stationary bike for motivation to promote a love of reading

with physical activity)

○ Serve up to 700 students

○ Option 1: $1,200 (8 recumbent bikes)

4. Heather Jenkins (principal)

○ Books and Braids program that will boost motivation for reading and allow the high school PALS and local

hairdressers to work with 4-6th grade students by styling their hair once they reach reading goals. This program will

help motivate readers while building relationships while getting their hair styled.

○ Serves up to 700 students

○ $238.49

5. Jimmy Ross, Darius Young, and Shane Allen

○ Boys to Men program for 4th-6th grade boys that will mentor and teach skills of how to be a gentleman and to

CSEF Awarded Grants 2020 lead by example. This program will focus on team building activities, public speaking skills, proper etiquette and attire for different settings, and outdoor camping experience.

○ Serves up to 20 boys

○ $1,000

6. Keri Stewart, Beth Cade, April Laine, Tabitha Martel, and Melanie Anderson (4th-grade math team)

○ Math Stacker Sets: includes 96 number stacking blocks, storage blocks, and a Discovery Teacher’s Guide book

○ Serves 250 students

○ $1,782.00 (6 sets)

7. Margot Cook, Andy Pell, Kyle Kilpatrick, and Monica Wyly (PE and Music Department)

○ Cardio Drumming Sets: include drumsticks, yoga balls, and buckets to engage students’ minds through physical

activity by mixing a variety of standard cardio exercises with fun and exciting drumming routines

○ Serves up to 700 students

○ Option 2: $974.75 (25 sets)

8. Shane Allen (6th-grade science)

○ Flexible seating- 8 wobble seats to help students concentrate and stay engaged

○ Serves up to 100 students

○ $439.92

9. CSI Staff (Resource Library)

○ BOUNCE: Brain break routines that require focused attention, demands cooperation, promotes self-challenge,

and fosters peer teaching through brain breaks using racquetballs that can be checked out through the school’s

resource library

○ Serves up to 700 students

○ $308.75 (25 sets of 12)

10. Chris Dutschmann (5th grade math)

○ Math Prodigies in the Making: full access/premium version of the online educational game PRODIGY. It is available as a free version which has been used for 3 years, but the premium version allows students to have more incentives

to answer more questions and unlock other parts of the game.

○ Serves 75 students

○ $900

Middle School (total amount-$5,976.55)

1. Ethan Silva and Rebekah Patrick (7th and 8th-grade ELAR)

○ 5 novel sets ranging from 30 to 60 copies per novel set

(Undefeated: Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indian School Football Team, The Hunger Games, Anne Frank: The Diary

of a Young Girl, The Giver, and The Outsiders)

○ Serves 500 students (both 7th and 8th graders)

○ $1791.60

2. Rebekah Patrick, Ethan Silva, Tricia Hepler, Shannon Jacobs (ELAR Department)

○ High engagement Scholastic SCOPE and ACTION magazines

○ Serves 500 students

○ $1236.25

3. Ben May, Lindsey McLean, and Greg Davis (7th-grade history)

○ Bullock Texas State History Museum field trip experience with education resources

provided for the teacher and students

○ Serves 220 students

○ Option 2: $2380 (admission and school transportation)

4. Tricia Hepler (7th-grade ELAR)

○ High interest, low-level readers (She received a grant for this last year and added more titles this year because they have been such a big hit with the students.)

○ $568.70

High School (total amount- $4,563.50)

1. Amy Faulkner (AP English Language Arts)

○ AP English Endeavor: Advanced Placement “5 Steps to a 5” workbooks with a field trip experience to the Dallas

Holocaust and Human Rights Museum (includes lunch and a bus driver)

○ Serves 45 AP students

○ $2191.50

2. Science Department (Shannon Field, Theresa Penney, and Christina Londenberg)

○ CAST Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching

(includes conference registration fee, meals, and lodging)

○ Serves 880 students

○ Option 1- four teachers $1792

3. Shannon Field and Theresa Penney (Science Department)

○ E-Chalk Interactive Online Teacher Resources (educational activities, games, simulations, puzzles created with a focus on learning through fun designed specifically for classroom teaching)

○ Serves 880 students

○ $580.00