China Spring ISD Education Foundation

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SurPrize Patrol

The SurPrize Patrol makes its rounds at the end of every school year to surprise teachers with the grants they have been awarded.

In 2019, we awarded $24,913.80 in grants.

Elementary (total amount- $5480.79)

Stephanie Hodges - Art

Set of 25 student weaving loom kits, standing tapestry friendly loom and jersey yarn bundles

Stefannie Denton and Melissa Vaughn - 1st grade ELAR teachers

high interest leveled readers, book bags and station activity supplies and manipulatives

Tricia Begesse - Instructional Technology

Makerspace Supplemental activities

Kelli Christian - 1st grade Math/Science teacher

STEM Supplemental activities

Intermediate (total amount- $5076.09)

Ashley Whatley and Heather Jenkins - Campus Technology

5 QBall throwable microphones

Jimmy Ross, Andy Pell, Trace Martin and Monica Wyly - PE department

Water bottle filling station

Ashley Lee - Music

Peripole baroque Soprano Halo Recorders - set of 60

Jackie Bauman - Reading Intervention

Guided Readeing Fiction set of books from Scholastic

Middle School (total amount- $11,389.92)

Rachel Stolle - 8th grade Science

Virtual Reality Kits

Cara Clark and Rachel Stolle - 8th grade

NASA Challenger field trip for all 8th graders

Scott Brucksch - 7th grade Math

QClick Classroom response system with 24 remotes

Tricia Hepler, Arianne Exline and Angelica Guerrero - 7th grade ELAR

High interest, low level readers

High School (total amount- $2967.00)

Johnny Day, Richard Espin, Chelsea Fewel, Kristie Garrett - AG Science Department

Graphic Design Software

Christina Londenberg and Students; Andrew Riddle, Avery Slocum, Blaine Kuehn, Michael Cadieux and Rhayne Trahan

Water bottle filling station