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China Spring ISD Education Foundation

Help Lay the Foundation for Their Future Success

Pride of China Spring 2021

We honored the Class of 2021 Top 10 Percent and their selected teachers by surprising the teachers while they were in class. They were presented with a hand written letter by the student who selected them and a vase of flowers. The teachers were all surprised and loved being able to read the special letters their students wrote. It was a very special touch for a tough year!

Emma Aars honored Josh Reedy

Charlye Baker honored Marc Nichelson

Karley Baker honored Kelli Perry

Scott Blattman honored Lauren Dunlop

Gabriel Byrd honored Meagan Collier

Hannah Crawford honored Cody Corntassel

Remi Elliott honored Max Rutherford

Leslie Goodman honored Jennifer Reedy

Andrew King honored Cheryl McDuff

Aubrey Krumnow honored Daniel Farris

Marcuez Lard honored Zabrina Lard

Ivan Lin honored Christy Londenberg

Lance London honored Michael Stahl

Alex Pulcine honored Alicia Pulcine

Shelbi Roye honored Melissa Donham

Brylee Smith honored Kristi Mize

Amy Stephens honored Melissa Donham

Nicholas Webb honored Alan Lange

Laney Scott honored Amy Faulkner

Top 10% Teacher reveal party