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China Spring Middle School

The entire 8th grade class went to the Challenger Learning Center at TSTC in Waco. March 5-8, 2019. This trip integrates many of the objectives taught in not only 8th grade, but also 6th and 7th grade science that all 8th graders are tested over when they take the Science STAAR in the Spring. Students got to see first hand the real life application of what they've been learning over the last 3 years.

Students used their knowledge of various science objectives to complete the tasks during the mission, so it's a fabulous hands on interactive STAAR review.

This trip provides an experience for students that cannot be implemented in the classroom setting. Students also learn the importance of communication in teamwork during their mission and discuss post high school opportunities available to them, whether they're interested in working for NASA someday or any other field. This is great timing because this time of year 8th graders are working on their high school graduation plans.

The current 7th graders are already asking whether or not they'll get to go on this trip next school year, because they're hearing stories from 8th graders and seeing the photos and videos and getting excited about it already.

I personally won't be teaching 8th grade science next year, however, I hope that the Education Foundation will consider continuing to fund or even partially fund this trip in the future. It's truly an amazing experience that we are fortunate to have available to us locally.

-Lee Ann Finley

8th Grade Science teacher

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